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Gameplay and UI developer


Gameplay/UI programmer

Feb 2012 - present


Implementing new front-end elements and screens while working close together with the Design and UI art department.

Ensuring the flow and user-experience of the game is correct.

Implementing new gameplay features.


Working with in-house C++ engine.

Usage of perforce and JIRA.

No personal projects yet. I need to find the time. =(

Graduation project

C# - Unity - Leap Motion - Oculus

Key features

Interactive VR game with leap motion.

Research about Leap motion and VR.

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Game project

Blueprints - UE4


Alluyn AƤron, Cotman Sam, Geens Andries, Verstraete Simon.

Key responsibilities

Controller/Player support.

HUD and UI support.

General game mechanics support.

Project management responsibilities.

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Game project

C# Unity


Aaron De Belder, Ruben Dhaenens, Tom Van Oostrum and Brian Neirinck.

Key responsibilities

Menu and loading screens.

Tutorial level and most of level 01 gameplay.

Leveldesign of second level.

Global lightning, particle, sound and patfinding script support.

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Game project

C# - Unity


Pieter Desender and Mathias Lauwers.

Key responsibilities

Full level 01 game mechanics.

Support for level 02 game mechanics.

UI and Menu implementations.

General gameplay mechanics support.

Player/controller implementation.

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Graphics programming

c++ - DX11

Key Tasks

Implementing graphics in custom graphics engine.

Implementing vfx in custom graphics engine .

Implementing new graphics features with reasearch.

Implementing Charachter controller, shaders, ...

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Level Design

Unreal Tournament

Key Tasks

Modeling modular props.

Level design in Unreal Tournament.

Creating unreal materials.

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Textbased Adventure game

C++ - Custom Engine

Key Tasks

Designing level design.

Usage of ANTLR.

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2D Game project

C++ - 2D Engine

Key Tasks

Full level of 2D game implementation.

Working with custom Box2D engine.

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Programs/tools knowledge