Killer Chicken

Unity Game Prototype
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A gameproject made in Unity in coorporation with Aaron De Belder, Ruben Dhaenens, Tom Van Oostrum and Brian Neirinck

Killer Chicken is a game where you play Rambo the chicken and you want to help your family to move away from the farm. To do this you will have to fight off enemies that will attack you the moment you are out of the save chicken houses.

This project was realised with a group of 4 programmers and an artist. There are 3 playable levels: One tutorial and 2 real levels. The prototype is fully playable.

For my part I did the following things:

I added the menu + the loading screen, for this I did the frontend and the backend. The tutorial level is fully made by me, for this I ahve made the frontend and the backend as well. In level 01 I helped a lot and did the most frontend and was a help with the backend programming. The second level was my level design. I globally helped with the Lighting and the adding of particles, sound and pathfinding in the scripts.

There are a few objects I created in this game. The crate, the gate and the fence. You can find these in the prototype.

The mechanics I created were the Menu control, The tutorial control, The button control, the enemy spawing, the pickup interacting of the objects and the pickup animations.

You can read the blog of Killer Chicken here. This is the blog that was kept during the process of making it.

Do you want to try this project? Click this button to play Killer Chicken online. Play Killer Chicken
You rather play an offline build or the online build isn't working well for you? Click this button to download Killer Chicken. Unzip the package and play the .exe. Download Killer Chicken