Dragon Quest

Textbased Adventure Game
C++      /      ANTLR      /      Visual Studio

A Textbased adventure game in medieval setting.

This project was fully written in C++ with the use of a Visual Studio program. ANTLR was used to load in data from textfiles to have the game information.

This full game is textbased and medieval themed, it is mostly item based. The purpose is to wander around and find your way to the dragon to kill the dragon. Killing the dragon isn't included yet, but will be later.

For now the following features are present: Move, Inspect, Set Open, ... with Locations. Inspect, Use Craft, Mount, Carry, ... certain Items. Talk To, Give, ... to NPC's.

More will be added later to this game. A playeable exe will be available as soon as possible. Can't wait and want to know more? You can always contact me!